Dear ZeusHash friends,


Last week we launched the brand new BATCH II GHS CONTRACT and we believe you guys must have enjoyed the INCREDIBLE PRICES as low as:


Price tier.png


With a 15% CUT in maintenance fees to ONLY:


$0.002 per GHS per DAY!!


Hope you’ve made good use of the special DISCOUNTS (10%/20%) we offered last week for all existing customers and VIP clients to thank you for your long-term support.


But don’t worry if you are a NEWLY REGISTERED USER, because this week we’ve prepared for you something SPECIAL too to celebrate the release of BATCH II GHS CONTRACT:




1.   Free GHS Giveaway Upgraded


As you see, the free GHS giveaway continues to be offered for all NEW SIGNUPS. Now since we’ve introduced the much more cost-efficient and profitable BATCH II CONTRACT, we’d like to UPGRADE the welcome gift to BATCH II GHS!!


From now on, all NEWLY REGISTERED USERS will win 1-10 random Batch II GHS (30-day contract) for signing up.


Ask your friends to join us right away!!


2.   First Order Discount


Besides the awesome GHS giveaway, we’ve also prepared a SPECIAL DISCOUNT to help you complete your FIRST ORDER with ZeusHash since some of you are still waiting for the best time to buy! And it is NOW!!


If you are a NEWLY SIGNED UP USER or if you haven’t completed ANY ORDER on ZeusHash yet, you can enjoy UP TO 30% DISCOUNTS for Batch II Contract at:


$0.459/GHS for your FIRST ORDER!!


This applies to ANY AMOUNT for your FIRST ORDER and of course you’ll enjoy EVEN LOWER price tiers accordingly if you order ≥10 THS ($0.399/GHS) or ≥100 THS ($0.359/GHS).


The special discount lasts from Feb. 3rd to Feb. 8th and you can use the offer to buy AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE!! So don’t miss the great chance to earn yourself the best cloud mining contract, with much more profits and BIG DISCOUNTS!!





Last week the fun game “Beat The Picture” to win the BOTTOM PRICE for BATCH II GHS orders exploded the Crazy Wednesday with a lot of fun and amazing pictures.


We can tell how much you guys loved the game and we are all impressed by your imagination and creativity. Congrats to those who won the award to buy Batch II GHS at ONL $0.359 per GHS!!


You know our weekly craziness will never cease and you’ll find out in 2 days what we’ve prepared for you this week at!!


Wait to be AMAZED again!!





Let’s see what’s new on ZeusHash in the past week:


1.    Small changes for AutoBuy feature. When you TURN ON AutoBuy now, we will purchase Batch II GHS (instead of Batch I) automatically with all your balance. If you keep AutoBuy ON for 30+ days with 20 completed orders, you will be qualified for a ZeusHash VIP client!

2.    New tab under ACCOUNT – “My Contracts”, where you can check out the hourly payment separately for all the contracts you own.





So much good news with ZeusHash this week and let’s find out more next time!! 

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