Dear Zeus fans,


How was your Valentine’s Day? Wish you had a romantic day with your beloved ones! Well we at Zeus had a great day too since it’s also our 1-Year Birthday! We had an awesome party to celebrate and share our love for Zeus!!


We hope you’ve enjoyed the big celebration we prepared for you as well:





happy.jpg      goat.jpg

Some of you have already placed your special orders with the bottom price at only $0.359 per Batch II GHS!! To remind those who haven’t ordered yet, there’s ONLY ONE WEEK left!!


And the Chinese Lunar New Year is right at the corner! Grab the last chance to enjoy the huuuuge price cut and celebrate together with all Chinese people!! Once again, the rule is as simple as this:


Until Feb. 22nd, the FIRST 214 ORDERS EVERYDAY will enjoy the LOWEST PRICE TIER at:


$0.359 per GHS!!


Let’s make the celebration AS BIG AS POSSIBLE!!



New Year Break


Since all Chinese people follow the tradition to stay with their families during the New Year holiday, we will have a 1-WEEK BREAK from Feb. 18th to Feb. 24th 2015. The weekly Newsletter for Feb. 23rd 2015 will be postponed to the next working week.


And Crazy Wednesday will be paused for another week.


But you know we will always be there for you if there’s any help you need from us. Our CS gals will check all the mails from you to during the holiday to solve your problems as soon as possible. Please try to understand though if our replies are not prompt enough. But we will try to do our bestJ




Enjoy the last week for our big celebration!! And Happy Chinese New Year!!


All the best to you and your families!! 

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