Dear miner friends,


Hope you had a great mining weekend! Let’s find out what’s new with ZeusHash today!




We are glad to tell you our “Batch I/II GHS Conversion Plan” was completed last week on March 24th (UTC+8). Most of you have made your own choices to convert your Batch I/II GHS but some may have missed the deadline.


As stated in our previous newsletter, “if you fail to make your choice within the period, we’ll have to choose Plan C on your behalf and BUY BACK all your life-time GHS.”


So for those who didn’t make their choices before March 24th (UTC+8), we have bought back all your Batch I/II GHS and you can check the balance in your ZeusHash accounts for our purchase.


Although we have suspended the operation of the mining farms for Batch I and Batch II contracts as ordered by local authorities, the farm for Batch III is running perfectly for a MORE and FASTER ROI of yours!!


We believe this is the BEST solution to prevent you from the loss due to the suspended mining operation. And we are still making great efforts to seek for locations with lower electricity cost so that you will have more cloud mining contracts to choose for the MAXIMUM of your ROI!!


Let’s look forward to more good news for that soooooooooooooon!!





Our official site www.ZEUSHASH.COM has been detected to be under DDoS attack from 23:00 March 26th and lasted for about 15 hours before we managed to mitigate the attack and restored the site.


Good news is all user info and accounts have been perfectly secured and no obvious damages occurred because of the attack. But we want to say sorry for the inconvenience because some of you may have encountered problems with withdrawal requests. Now we are happy to say everything is back to normal.


Our tech staff has also strengthened protection of the site and we will try to avoid any more attacks like this one.


We strongly condemn anyone responsible for the attack and we will resort to necessary legal action to hold the attacker accountable. And we will do more to better protect your cloud mining contracts.




So much for ZeusHash news this week and let’s find out more next time!!


Happy mining!!

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