Dear Zeus friends,


Hope you are having a wonderful Easter celebration with your family!!


There’s a good coincidence this year because on the same day of Easter we are having a traditional Chinese event – Qingming Festival (or Tomb-Sweeping Day in English), a time when Chinese people visit the graves or burial grounds to pray to their ancestors.


When all of us are remembering our beloved ones in the beautiful spring, we’d like to share with you some exciting news with ZeusHash this week!!




As we honor our commitment to deliver even better cloud mining services to you, we’ve never spared our efforts to find you the best mining locations and equipment to mine Bitcoin for you. And we are glad to see our efforts worthwhile.


Recently, we’ve found another ideal location to deploy a new mining farm with advanced infrastructure and lower operation cost. We’ve been talking to our partners about the business terms and all of us are positive about striking a perfect deal.


Though the final items are still under discussion, we can’t wait to share with you the good news today! And we are looking forward to the operation the new farm so that you’ll have more options for Bitcoin mining!




You know we already have a few partners in our previous mining operations and this time we will work with another emerging yet strong player in the industry to present to you an upgraded cloud mining service.


We are not ready yet to reveal the name of the partner though, but we are confident that the combination of our industrial experience and expertise will enable us to MINIMIZE the COST and therefore MAXIMIZE your ROI!



Bitcoin price has been on a bumpy road recently but our faith in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining has never faded even a bit. We believe Bitcoin cloud mining will continue to be the most profitable and handy approach for individual miners to mine Bitcoin and we will work even harder to help you achieve your goals.


ZeusHash will continue with our good news and surprises so that you will benefit with more ROI and fun in cloud mining industry!



So much for this week and let’s wait for more next week!!



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