Dear miner friends,


How’s going with you all? Ready for more exciting news with ZeusHash? Let’s find out now!!




HALLEY GHS must have surprised you last week right? With its unbeatable price AS LOW AS –


$299 per THS!!


And the maintenance fee is only $0.0016 per GHS!!


This is something not even close to possible if it’s not for our new partnership with HalleyChina, who boasts one of the largest mining farms in China.


We know how much you like the new contract since we’ve been FLOODED with orders since it’s released less than a week ago!! In a short 5 days, nearly 200 THS were sold to mine Bitcoin for you!


Even better news for you is that HalleyChina is about to strike a new deal with its local power supplier which will further cut down the power costs. And it means you will enjoy an EVEN LOWER MAINTENANCE FEE!!


Well well well… Don’t hesitate any longer for an amazing cloud mining contract like that!! It will guarantee the FASTEST ROI for you all!


A little heads up for you is that Halley GHS is in SHORT SUPPLY so don’t you wait before someone else takes it away!



Another reason that you should not hesitate is that the price for Halley GHS may be INCREASED in 1-2 weeks since HalleyChina has just got news from its major supplier that they may raise the price of the miners as their operational costs were growing recently.


And this will lead to HIGHER COSTS to support Halley GHS. That’s when we have to raise its price as well in order not to suffer from losses.


So we suggest you to order ASAP if you want to take home the MOST PROFITABLE cloud mining contract!!


Those who already ordered won’t be impacted by the price increase though and all of you can enjoy the future maintenance fee cut to get FASTER ROI!


Don’t wait any longer! 





Last week we told you about our alternative payment method of USD as we’ve got plenty of inquiries in our CS mail asking about it. We are glad that we succeeded with the first USD payment last week!


We’d like to provide more options for your convenience but there’s one thing we need to remind you that cross-border bank transfer may entail a significant amount of transaction fee especially when an intermediate bank is needed. And we may not be able to cover it for you as profits are already thin for us. So we recommend you not to use USD to pay if you place a small order.


Considering the possible inconvenience with cross-border bank transfer, we are offering a DISCOUNT and EXTRA 7-DAY PPS PAYOUT when we confirm receiving your payment and activate your hashrates.


You can drop us an email via [email protected] if you want to know more details about paying with USD.




So much for this week and don’t be late for the short supply of Halley GHS!!

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