Progress Update-VGHS Online


Hi all Zeus fans,


Long time no see!! You may be wondering why we’ve been quiet for a while. The reason - we’ve been busy working day and night to roll out our next phrase and brand new business plan!! And behold –


it’ll be a WHOLE NEW WORLD for Bitcoin cloud mining with ZeusHash!!


Now let’s check out what excitement we’ve prepared for you today!!




Let’s hear some applause now to welcome our brand new cloud mining contract – VGHS!!


Why brand new?? Find out its UNIQUE features right away:


1.    VGHS will be released in batches with various CONTRACT PERIODS from 30 to 180 days. The period for Batch I VGHS is 30 days.

2.    ZERO MAINTENANCE FEE!! During the contract period, you will enjoy the pure mining income of the VGHS you buy without any extra fees!!

3.    FULL PAYMENT TO BE RETURNED!! When the contract period expires, ZeusHash will return to you all the BTC you pay for VGHS!! (LTC paid will be converted into BTC against the rate when you place your order)

4.    ROI GURANTEED!! Payment returned + mining income = >100% ROI!!


This is INSANITY!! And this is something we’ve never spared our efforts to achieve for all of you guys!!


Each one of you deserve a >100% ROI for your long-term support in ZeusHash and the Bitcoin cloud mining industry as a whole!!


We know you’ve been heated up already and can’t wait to find out how much you need to pay for it – also the amount you will get back for your purchase!


Price for Batch I VGHS:


$5.999 per VGHS


I will go to ZeusHash right away to buy the insanely profitable VGHS if I were you!! First come first served!!





When we are celebrating the release of VGHS, we will also launch a promotion for the current Halley GHS which lasts from Jun. 25th to Jun. 30th (UTC+8).


You’ll enjoy a 10% PRICE CUT for Halley GHS at its current prices. Don’t forget there’s only one week for the promotion. So better go and hurry!





Our partnership with Halley China has been perfectly boosting our business and therefore help with your ROI. And the partnership will continue to benefit all of us and explore more possibilities and profitability in the industry.


Even better and tangible news for you is that Halley China is deploying a new mining farm in Sichuan, South China which will be completed this July. Then all of you will enjoy even LOWER PRICE & MAINTENANCE FEES!!




We hope our holding up of all the great news will multiply your excitement and we’ve never cease our efforts to find you more!!



Enjoy the brand new VGHS and let’s wait for more good news next time!


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